Medicare is the federal health insurance program for people who are 65 and older, or younger individuals who may qualify because of a disability, End-Stage Renal Disease, or other special circumstances.

Did you know there are more than just two parts to Medicare?

Part A and B are considered Original Medicare – This is the Federal health insurance program.

Part C (Medicare Advantage), Medigap (Supplement), and Part D (Drug Coverage) – These are some of the plan options offered through private insurance companies, in addition to Part A & B.

Breitenfeldt Group compares all options available to each individual based on their unique situation. Our team is here to assist with Medicare planning and enrollment at any stage.

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Medicare Health Insurance FAQ

When do I have to sign up for Medicare?

People can begin the enrollment process into Medicare 3 months prior to the month they turn 65. At Breitenfeldt Group we ask the question, “Do you need to enroll into Medicare at age 65?”. Every situation is unique, and we want to help determine the right plan of action for your situation.

I am still working and have employer health coverage. Do I have to enroll into Medicare?

This depends on the current health plan you are enrolled in through your employer. You can also be enrolled in a health plan through your spouse’s employer. Every employer plan, large and small, can be structured differently. Our advisors will help outline the right questions to ask and compare all costs and benefits available to you.

If I am on a COBRA plan, do I still need Medicare Part B?

Yes. In many scenarios for coordination of benefits to operate effectively, and to avoid future late enrollment penalties, an individual would need to be enrolled into Part B while on COBRA.

How does Medicare impact my HSA (Health Savings Account)?

Medicare Part A eligibility determines the ability to continue contributions to an HSA account. Contact our advisor team to discuss options based on your situation.

I currently fill my prescriptions at the VA. Do I need a prescription drug plan (Part D)?

VA drug coverage is considered creditable coverage if actively enrolled into the benefit program. Our team explores all options with you and can find solutions for coverage in addition to VA.

How can Breitenfeldt Group ensure that I am on an appropriate Medicare plan?

Upon initial enrollment and annually thereafter, we review coverage options with you based on changes you may experience or changes that will occur in coverage. Networks, benefits, prescription coverage, and more can change every year. We are here to provide continuous support for as long as you are on a plan with us.

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Breitenfeldt Group is licensed in Minnesota and Wisconsin, as well as seven additional states, to assist with your Medicare needs.

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