Test Your Medicare Knowledge

Test Your Medicare Knowledge


At Breitenfeldt Group we understand if you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the rules surrounding Medicare. For over 30 years we have been helping folks navigate the complexities of this government program.


1.TRUE OR FALSE: Everyone must enroll into Medicare at age 65.

2.TRUE OR FALSE: Everyone pays the same amount for Medicare Part B.

3.TRUE OR FALSE: I am not on any prescription medications, but I would still need drug coverage if I want to avoid a penalty.

4.TRUE OR FALSE: Original Medicare (Part A & Part B) does not have a maximum out of pocket limit to protect me from catastrophic bills.

5.TRUE OR FALSE: I can continue to add tax-free money to my HSA (Health Savings Account) while I am on Medicare.


  1. Everyone must enroll into Medicare at age 65.
    a.False: If you or your spouse are actively working and you are covered by an employer group plan, you may be able to delay Medicare past the age of 65 without penalty.
  2. Everyone pays the same amount for Medicare Part B.
    a.False: Your Part B premium is based on your taxable income. If your income is above a certain threshold you may see an increase in your Part B premium.
  3. I am not on any prescription medications, but I would still need drug coverage if I want to avoid a
    a.True: As soon as you turn age 65 you must have creditable drug coverage, even if you are not taking any prescriptions, in order to avoid a penalty.
  4. Original Medicare (Part A & Part B) does not have a maximum out of pocket limit to protect me from catastrophic bills.
    a.True: Original Medicare does not have a maximum out of pocket limit. If you do not add a supplemental health plan to Part A & Part B, you could see some unlimited medical charges with no spending cap.
  5. I can continue to add tax-free money to my HSA (Health Savings Account) while I am on Medicare.
    a.False: You cannot be enrolled into any part of Original Medicare (Part A or Part B) and contribute tax-free money to an HSA at the same time. Contributions must stop as soon as Part A becomes effective in order to avoid a tax penalty.

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