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A Roadmap to Medicare – Breitenfeldt

‘This year will be different’ OCTOBER 1, 2019 WRITTEN BY JIM PALMER Medicare made simple!  Breitenfeldt Group provides service, selection all in one place “This year will be different,” said Dennis Breitenfeldt, owner of Breitenfeldt Group, referring to the big changes in Medicare last fall that resulted in 400,000 Minnesotans losing their coverage. “A lot of people lost their plans last year and… READ MORE >

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Sr. Perspective – Over 400,000 will lose coverage

Breitenfeldt Group offering enrollment events, beefing up its team to prepare for Minnesotans needing help enrolling in a new Medicare plan The enrollment period is coming up for Minnesotans who need to make changes to their Medicare plans for the new year (Oct. 15-Dec. 7). That is nothing new. It happens this time of the year every year. But this year’s enrollment… READ MORE >

Big Medicare shift coming to Minnesota

More than 300,000 Minnesotans will be changing Medicare health plans next year, state officials said, when a federal law eliminates certain health insurance options in the Twin Cities and across much of the state. For more than a year, insurers have been sizing up the coming shift with Medicare Cost plans, a specific type of coverage that’s distinct from Medicare… READ MORE >

Alleviate Health Insurance Confusion with a Consult from the Breitenfeldt Group MN

Obtaining a health care plan that suits your needs can be overwhelming.  There are often unfamiliar terms, confusing regulations, and ever-evolving options to sift through when you consider which plan to choose.  You can follow a simpler route:  whether you’re seeking individual health insurance, family health insurance in Minnesota, or a Medicare health care plan, the Breitenfeldt Group can help…. READ MORE >

Comprehensive MN Health Insurance: The Breitenfeldt Group

The Problem MN Health insurance plans can be complex.  The companies that broker these plans are often large conglomerations that leave you, the customer, conversing with a recording or, even worse, waiting on hold for extensive periods of time.  Customer service is often lacking, and expertise is only found with arduous digging, patience, and technical elbow grease and even then… READ MORE >

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Welcome to our new website

We have been working on our new look  and new website these past few months. Our new site is responsive (mobile friendly) so you now get the same great experience from Tablets and Smartphones as you do from your desktop. OUR MISSION To make a difference by committing to an ongoing culture of kindness, collaboration, and mentorship to better serve each… READ MORE >