Choosing a Medicare Health Plan? Avoid these Ten Mistakes:

Believing it will cost you more to use an agent or broker.

Whether you select a Medicare health plan with our agency or purchase the same plan directly from the carrier, your cost is exactly the same; we do not charge appointment fees.

Believing that couples should always have the same plan.

Each person has a unique, individual situation and plan options should be chosen accordingly.

Assuming that higher premiums mean “more coverage.”

Paying higher premiums does not always mean more coverage. The Breitenfeldt Group can assist in selecting a plan appropriate for you, as many insurance carriers offer a variety of plans.

Assuming you must use the same insurance company for both health and prescription coverage.

You don’t always have to get your prescription coverage from the same company as your health plan and it may not be the most cost-effective.

Following the crowd.

Basing your plan selection on the advice of friends, family and neighbors isn’t always the appropriate choice. Your situation is unique and should be treated that way.

Choosing a plan with limited network and travel coverage.

Not all plan options work with every provider, and many options only offer limited coverage when you travel. Breitenfeldt Group advisors check plan networks and ensure your plan fits your choices and lifestyle.

Waiting too long and missing a deadline.

Medicare enrollment is not automatic for everyone and missing a deadline can be expensive. Breitenfeldt Group can guide you with your Medicare enrollment, if appropriate. We advise that you begin this process three months prior to your 65th birthday or retirement date.

Attempting to navigate through Medicare on your own.

There are many different coverage combinations available. The odds of finding the “right fit” by yourself are not favorable. By navigating on your own, you may increase the risk of penalties and lockout periods. Breitenfeldt Group advisors have a high level of training, experience, and resources. They help people just like you make plan choices every day.

Believing that prescription plans remain the same each year.

Prescription plans may change every year and there are many different options to choose from. For your prescription plan needs, Breitenfeldt Group:

  • Offers a full range of prescription plan options.
  • Has prescription plan specialists on staff.
  • Provides computer analysis to help you choose a plan.
  • Assists you in reviewing your coverage every year during the Annual Enrollment Period.

Assuming that every agent who sells a product can also provide proper service.

Many agents sell health plans, but cannot offer comprehensive service or selection. When you have a problem or need to make a plan change, Breitenfeldt Group offers a wide variety of options and has licensed professional staff available to assist you with your needs.