Breitenfeldt Workshops

The Breitenfeldt Group is here to educate and advise on many different insurance options for Medicare.


“Roadmap to Medicare and Social Security” can be your key to mapping your way through this important transition.

Our short group presentation provides you with the opportunity to discuss your personal situation with an experienced advisor.

This is an informational event with no sales and there is no charge for our services. Take advantage of the opportunity to talk to a professional about your situation today.


Our Mission

To make a difference by committing to an ongoing culture of kindness, collaboration, and mentorship to better serve each other and our valued members.

If you have questions regarding Medicare, Social Security, or retirement planning, we encourage you to contact us. We can help you get the information you need.



Roadmap to Medicare Meetings

Preparing for Social Security and Medicare can be an anxious time and many people would appreciate a little guidance.

How and when do I enroll into Original Medicare?

You can enroll in A&B of Medicare up to 3 months prior to turning 65. Whether or not you should take Medicare at this time will depend on your unique situation. Contact us today to discuss your Medicare timeline.

How does my coverage through work/spouse’s work affect my Medicare?

So long as your employer sponsored coverage meets Medicare standards you do not need to make a change. But, the size of the employer and quality of coverage can affect when you will need to enroll into Medicare.

How does Medicare impact my retirement planning?

If you have postponed Medicare and have a Heath Savings Account, it could impact your enrollment into Original Medicare with your retirement plans. Making sure you are doing things at the right time is important to avoid penalties or delays in coverage.

What is the penalty for delaying Medicare Part B enrollment?

Medicare can increase your Part B of Medicare premium by 10% for each 12 months that you neglected to enroll. Typically, your ability to enroll will also be restricted to the General Enrollment Period. Call us today to see if this applies to you.

Do I have enough coverage? Not enough?

Medicare Advantage, Medigap, PPO, HMO… The list is long when it comes to coverage options. We work to find solutions for each of our member’s lifestyle needs.

Do I need a prescription plan?

Medicare can penalize you for not having creditable prescription drug coverage.

When should I start collecting Social Security benefits?

Full Retirement age varies for individuals based on their birth year. We have a Social Security expert on hand to help you with the timing of collecting your benefits.