Comprehensive MN Health Insurance: The Breitenfeldt Group

The Problem

MN Health insurance plans can be complex.  The companies that broker these plans are often large conglomerations that leave you, the customer, conversing with a recording or, even worse, waiting on hold for extensive periods of time.  Customer service is often lacking, and expertise is only found with arduous digging, patience, and technical elbow grease and even then questions are left unanswered and valuable time is wasted.  To add insult to injury, your needs still have not been met and your insurance coverage is a maze of financial and emotional burden.

The Breitenfeldt Group Solution

The Breitenfeldt Group is here to remedy this issue and right the wrongs served to you by the corporate insurance giants.  We are a localized team of specialized and skilled individuals passionate about serving you and answering each of your questions, so that you can feel confident about your insurance plan.

Unbeatable Customer Service

As for customer service, we will not be beat.  Each contact that you have with the Breitenfeldt Group will be courteous, personalized, and never will you have to interact with a drawn out recording.  Our priority is you, our customer, from explanation, to sale, through our commitment to service after the sale.  Satisfaction is guaranteed from the beginning and throughout our relationship with you.  You have our promise.

Every Question is Valued

No matter how complicated that you think your insurance needs are, the expert staff at the Breitenfeldt group can and will be able to assist you.  Comprehensive family health insurance, individual health insurance, Medicare plans in Minnesota, Medicare supplements, life insurance planning, retirement planning, prescription drug plans, understanding how the Affordable Care Act affects you:  there is no insurance question too big or small.

When you’re looking for MN health insurance, look no further than the Breitenfeldt Group.  We will help you choose the insurance path that perfectly suits your needs and have you on your way to taking charge of your health. Contact us today for personal service, expert staff, and comprehensive choices.